The Rundown:

For years, The Citadel has run on Towny, but it eventually became clear that it doesn’t fit our community like it used to. As of March 2016, The Citadel is now running a totally custom plugin for block protection. It is called Build Protector, and it provides several different features.

How Does it Work?

First and foremost, Build Protector tracks all blocks that have been placed on the map, and it makes it more difficult for other players to break blocks that you placed. For example, a dirt block that you placed might only take you a couple seconds to break, but it will take another player 10 seconds. The more durable the block type, the longer it takes other players to break!

In addition, Build Protector provides the concept of alliances, allowing you to group with other trusted members you know. That means you can access each others’ blocks and resources. But wait, we didn’t stop there! Although players can still destroy your build, we took into consideration that you don’t want them building in your surrounding area. That’s where totems come in to action. A totem gives you additional benefits in your territory. For example, players who aren’t in your alliance can’t place blocks in your totem’s perimeter. You can also control the spawning of hostile mobs in the area. Perhaps the most exciting feature is that all alliance members have the opportunity to fly in the perimeter of their alliance’s totem!

[A full tutorial video is coming soon!]

Listed below are the basic commands that you need to know to use Build Protector:

General Commands:

  1. /alliance list – List all alliances
  2. /alliance info – Display info on your own alliance
  3. /alliance create [name] – Create a new alliance
  4. /alliance leave – Leave your alliance – If you are the leader, you can only leave your alliance if there are no other players in it. If you wish to leave anyway, you MUST set another player as the leader.

Leader-only Commands:

  1. /alliance setleader – Set the leader of the alliance to another player.
  2. /alliance invite – Invite another player to join your alliance.
  3. /alliance kick – Kick a player out of your alliance
  4. /alliance monsters – Toggle the spawning of hostile mobs within the perimeter of your alliance totems