The Citadel has been running on a completely custom protection plugin since 2016.

How it works:

All blocks that have been placed on the map are tracked, making it difficult for other players to break blocks that you placed.

For example, a dirt block that you place might only take seconds for you to break, but will take another player 10 seconds. The more durable the block type, the longer it will take other players to break.

In addition, the plugin provides the concept of alliances. It allows you to form groups with other players and access each others’ blocks and resources while still keeping intruders out.


Although players can still (slowly) destroy your build, they can no longer place blocks after you create a totem. Not only is your land protected, but you are given additional benefits.

To build a totem, just vertically stack Obsidian, Redstone Block, Redstone Block, Obsidian

Inside of your totem's protection:

  • All alliance members can fly!
  • All doors, chests, etc. are locked to outsiders
  • All crops are protected
  • Outsiders can't place blocks, water, or lava
  • Hostile mobs can be turned on/off

More information / tips:

  • You can build up to 3 totems per player in your alliance
  • Extra totems can be purchased for $5,000 igm
  • A totem's range spans a 50 block radius (in a sphere)
  • We recommend burying your totems, or setting a trap around them for protection
  • Use a compass to find nearby totems

General Commands:

Player Commands:
  • /alliance list – List all alliances
  • /alliance info – Display info on your own alliance
  • /alliance create [name] – Create a new alliance
  • /alliance leave – Leave your alliance – You may only leave your alliance if there are no players in it. If there are players in your alliance still, you MUST reassign another player as the new leader.
Leader Commands:
  • /alliance setleader – Set the leader of the alliance to another player.
  • /alliance invite – Invite another player to join your alliance.
  • /alliance kick – Kick a player out of your alliance
  • /alliance monsters – Toggle the spawning of hostile mobs within the perimeter of your alliance totems