The list of ranks is below. These are based on the ranks of nobility, but there are a few adjustments, in case you’re wondering.

Each one inherits the permissions and abilities of the ranks below it. You may buy ranks with in-game money. Just ask any King or Queen for help with that. Each rank must be bought in order. If you don’t have the cash though, you can also get ranks by simply playing a lot!

If you are female, you may be interested to see that most of our ranks have a female equivalent! When you gain a higher rank, just let the admins know whether you would prefer to be a ‘Duchess’ rather than a ‘Duke’. ūüôā

Green ranks are for players, Teal are for ‘Top’ ranks, Blue are for staff, Red is for the highest ranks



This is the default rank of all players on the server. As a serf, you have access to most of the ‘typical’ commands… balance, home, list, mail, msg, tpa, etc. You also have access to /kit tools which gives you some basic tools and two cooked chickens.

With this rank you may set 1 home location.

We also have vanity ranks (like ‘Archer’) that you can get for winning mini-games. These are built on top of the Serf rank, and cannot be kept once you move to higher ranks.

Squire Р123  or 10 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Serf rank, plus:
    • Total homes: 1
    • Kits: IronTools
    • Extra commands: /hat /me /nick

Shield Bearer Р617 or 50 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Squire rank, plus:
    • Total Homes: 2
    • Kits: IronArmor
    • Extra commands: /back

Knight (Dame) – 1235 or 100 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Shield Bearer rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†2
    • Kits: ChainArmor
    • Extra commands: /back (on death) /workbench /ec

Baron (Baroness) –¬† 2469 or 200 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Knight rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†3
    • Kits: DiamondTools
    • Extra commands: /ignore /tptoggle

Viscount (Vidame) – 3703 or 300 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Baron rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†3
    • Kits: DiamondArmor
    • Extra commands: /near

Count (Countess) – 4938 or 400 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Viscount¬†rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†4
    • Kits: EnchantedArmor
    • Extra commands: /heal

Marquis (Marquess) – 6172 or 500 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Count rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†4
    • Kits: EnchantedSword
    • Extra commands: /jump

Duke (Duchess) – 7407 or 600 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Marquis rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†5
    • Kits: ChampionArmor, ChampionSword
    • Extra commands: /item

Grand Duke (Grand Duchess) – 9876 or 800 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Duke¬†rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†5
    • Kits: ChampionBow

Despot (Despota) Р12345 or 1000 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Grand Duke¬†rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†6
    • Kits: Healing

Autocrat (Autocratess) Р15432 or 1250 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Despot¬†rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†6
    • Kits: Swiftness

Archon (Archoness) Р18519 or 1500 hours

  • All of the benefits of the Autocrat¬†rank, plus:
    • Total homes:¬†7
    • Kits: Resistance


Top Voter

When you vote for the server on the various minecraft lists, it helps us gain players. If you voted most during the week, you’ll receive this rank. All top voters get access to the /hat and /me commands, as well as the iron armor & iron tools kits!

Top Player

All player time is tracked, and we use /pttop to determine how long everyone has been online. Those players that are on top of “/pttop week” on Monday¬†at 7am Central will receive the Top Player rank, giving them access to the /hat and /me commands, as well as the ironarmor, irontools, mending, and frostwalker kits! Note: If you have a reputation for arguing with staff, you can’t really be considered a “Top Player”, can you?


Oath Helper

These trustworthy staff members have the best interests of the kingdom at heart. Even though they cannot always come when beckoned, their additional help is always appreciated.

Elder (Eldress)

These former defenders of the kingdom dedicated their time long ago. Although they seldom pass by, they are still trusted by royalty. When you see them, you know they have experience on their side.

Royal Apprentice

These players hold a position of authority in The Citadel. They are now ready to begin the journey of defending the kingdom, as they have worked hard to get this rank.

Royal Guard

The staff of The Citadel are expected to prove themselves before being given more responsibility. Royal Guards are given their rank for just that reason. If they prove themselves worthy, they will soon pass up the ranks and acquire more abilities.

Archduke (Archduchess)

The Citadel contains many worlds, and each one comes with it’s own challenges. Archdukes have been given their rank in order to keep peace in the worlds. If you see an Archduke, you are seeing a person who have earned the trust of royalty.

Prince (Princess)

A Prince (or Princess) is of royal blood, having shown that they have the best interests of our worlds at heart. If you see a Prince in-game, bow to them. They deserve your respect.

King (Queen)

Reserved for only the most trusted, the Kings and Queens of the worlds are true royalty. Their rulership is kind, but just. All citizens in The Citadel worlds are expected to follow their orders, or deal with the consequences.

Emperor (Empress)

Only the most trusted royalty receive this noteworthy rank. They have been in the world for ages. If you see these remarkable people in the kingdom, get to know them.


These individuals are the foundation of The Citadel. They work their hardest to keep things running smoothly for the well-being of citizens and staff around the kingdom.