All players are expected to read and understand the server rules. Please pay special attention to the points highlighted in red. If you witness a player breaking any rules, report it to an admin promptly. If no admins are available, report it in the forum.


  1. Don’t be a jerk to other players.
  2. Respect the map. Don’t leave 1×1 towers where they don’t go, and don’t dig 1×1 holes without filling them in. Don’t leave treetops hanging in mid-air.
  3. If chests, doors, etc., are found randomly littering the landscape (and the area is not protected), they will be removed with no advance notice.
  4. If a staff member asks you a question, answer it. Refusing to answer is grounds for punishment until you answer the question.
  5. Carving/Building offensive or obscene symbols will not be tolerated. If these are found, they will be deleted immediately, and you will mostly likely be banned. Please grow up. While we’re talking about maturity, naked and/or offensive skins are not allowed.
  6. You’re here to play a game, so religion has no place. If you want to talk religion or build religious symbols, do it somewhere else.
  7. Riding horses and boats thousands of blocks off in a straight line to “explore” is not allowed. This causes excess load on the server, and will not be tolerated.


  1. Mob and XP farms are allowed, including auto-farms, with the following exceptions:
    a) Any redstone machines MUST have a clearly-marked “off” switch that turns off pistons, minecarts, etc., and stops spawners (e.g. with a light). Staff members are allowed to turn off your farm with no notice.
    b) Farms may not generate more than 40 mobs in the area at a time.
    c) Farms may not make use of nether gates.
    d) If a farm is found to cause lag (either for the server or for other players) you will be required to modify or remove it.
    e) You MAY NOT build a farm for another player. This includes selling your services to build, selling instructions, etc. If someone wants to build a Mob or XP farm (which is pretty much the cheapest way to get money/xp/loot) they should do it themselves.
    f) You may not use a farm or device to accumulate in-game time. If we find that you are using a device that keeps you moving so as to avoid going afk, you will lose your time and we might even destroy the machine.

  2. For regular farms, you may have no more than 40 of each type of mob. If you’re going to have a lot, spread them out… all of your mobs in the same few map chunks causes unnecessary load on the server.


  1. This server is running BuildProtector. As long as you build totems and protect your town with walls, you’ll be safe. Learn to use it!
  2. The admins refuse to babysit. If you don’t secure your loot, don’t expect your stuff to be there later.
  3. Raiding (taking items from chests) and griefing (breaking other players’ blocks) are allowed, but maliciously destroying/defacing someone’s property or the natural landscape as an act of bullying or revenge will be penalized. Penalties will be based on the seriousness of the offense.
  4. You may purchase a World Guard to protect your builds. This is for those who would prefer to just focus on building. If you buy one, you GIVE UP the right to raid other players, because it would be unfair for them. Raiding anyway will result in loss of your World Guard and possibly other penalties.


  1. This is a PVP server. Any time you are outside of the spawn or other No-PVP areas, you are potentially vulnerable. Prepare wisely, or you will most likely be caught unexpectedly.We encourage you to make alliances with other players and build strong walls and totems as protection.
  2. TP killing (in all forms) is incredibly cowardly, and not allowed.
  3. Logging out and back in during PVP is not allowed. Unless you had specific issues (internet connectivity problems) you run the risk of punishment. Punishments will include being killed by staff and letting your opponent keep all the loot, being jailed, or even being temporarily banned. Fight fair or don’t fight at all.
  4. When PVP is over, the winner should take his spoils and leave. Killing a player over and over will be looked at as harassment, and if the loser reports you, you will be penalized. That said, if they come back in revenge, you’re definitely allowed to defend yourself.
  5. If you lose a fight, don’t go to the winner begging for your stuff. You lost. That’s the nature of PVP.


  1. No X-ray, fly hacking, or cheating in general.
  2. Mods are perfectly fine, like Rei’s Minimap, and Optifine, as long as they don’t give you an unfair advantage. We run several plugins that identify cheating of various forms. If you are caught, have fun finding another server.


  1. Realizing that people of all ages play on this server, be respectful in your speech. If you are speaking to friends, use the party chat (or voice chat) for privacy and there won’t be an issue. However, if you are speaking in the local channel, and ESPECIALLY if someone reports you, we will read the logs and make a judgement.
  2. You may put a ! in front of a message to shout it to the entire server. The shout ability is intended to be used for broadcasting a request, such as, “!Is anyone selling pumpkin pie?” Keep in mind, it has the ability to spam all players, and should not be abused. Shout IS NOT meant for two-person conversations. Using shout inappropriately may result in being muted, or even losing the privilege entirely.
  3. Do not use chat colors in global chat. If you do, you risk losing the ability to shout altogether.
  4. Spamming (repeating the same message in quick succession) is not allowed.
  5. Advertising other servers (including Realms) is not allowed.
  6. Don’t ask an admin for OP.


  1. During building competitions, you may purchase a plot to compete. After the competition is over, your ownership is revoked, but your creation will stay.
  2. The spawn city contains embassies and shops for rent. If you rent a plot that contains a building, you MAY NOT modify the building without asking permission in order to keep the look consistent across spawn. Failure to follow this rule may result in loss of the rental property with no refund.


  1. You may spawn items for YOU ONLY. You may, of course, use spawned items in buildings within your town. However, spawning items for other players will be dealt with harshly. Players who knowingly accept spawned items will be punished as well.
  2. You may only USE spawned items. You may not store them.
  3. You may not sell any product that is a spawned item, or one that is made from spawned items. This includes selling to players or the server shop. This also includes trading spawned items to villagers. You will absolutely lose your rank if you do this.
  4. Only spawn what you need. Pretty much the only time you need to spawn more than a few items is when you are building. In that case, spawning 256 stonebrick is perfectly acceptable. However, spawning thousands of non-building materials? No. Keep in mind that if you die, someone else will receive those spawned items. We don’t care who you are or how much you donated, you WILL lose your rank.
  5. Many items have been blacklisted. Actively looking for an exploit (for instance, spawning a crafted item and then using salvage to get the blacklisted item out of it) will result in loss of rank.


  1. You may not use jump to cross barriers that would otherwise be inaccessible. So using it to move through a fence, a hole in a wall, or a door is not allowed.


  1. Kits should be treated the same as spawned items. They are for YOUR use only.
  2. Kit items may not be sold.


  1. DO NOT impersonate another player, even as a joke.
  2. No religious, offensive, or obscene words or symbols.
  3. Your nickname should be unique… not easily confused with another player. Only letters, numbers, underscore, and hyphen are allowed. No color codes.
  4. You may change your nick as often as you like, but DO NOT do so in order to hide your identity or otherwise scam players. Keep in mind, your nickname is a part of your personality, and players may be less trusting if it changes often.
  5. If a staff member asks you to remove your nick, do so immediately with “/nick off”. Once you have complied, you may then ask why.
  6. At any time, if you want to verify a player’s identity, use the /realname command.
  7. Failure to follow these rules may result in loss of the /nick privilege, or even loss of rank.