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Unavailable for a bit
  • I have been having issues with my Minecraft.exe, even after re-downloading twice. I can still access via Minechat, but I will be physically unavailable in-game until further notice.

    Sorry about this, I'm working around the clock (1 or 2 hours a day) to fix this. I'll keep this up to date.
  • I assume going onto the mojang 1.6.2 page wouldn't help this. Because thats how I get into my minecraft regularly.

  • No, java and flash are in order. I'm assuming its an internal error of some sort.
  • You could try deleting everything that's in your Minecraft folder. (Keep back-ups of important Minecraft files, if you need to)
  • That may or may not work who knows?
  • I believe the same thing happened to me also, can you tell me what kind of computer you are using and exactly what the error is?
  • Acer Aspire. I just get a (not responding) at the top of my window while the game loads.
  • Okay, it is not the same thing sorry. What happened to me if anyone wants to know is the newest version of java screwed up minecraft and it wouldn't even be about to start. I fixed it by installing java 64 bit which can be found here.
  • Thanks XanMan. Creeper, I know you fixed it because you were on last night... what did it turn out to be?

    I moved this conversation to the Tips & Tricks board, in case anyone else can benefit.
  • I had some serious internal system issues, but and my profiles were not communicating. I managed to get the connection rolling again, although I'm not sure how.
  • Well at least you got it working again right? :)