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Resource gates
  • If you've been playing on the server for any time, you most likely know that there are several gates hidden throughout the world. These will link you to worlds that are VERY rich in their respective resources. Iron, Gold, Emeralds, and Diamonds. In each world, the resources can be found all the way up to level 100, and they are very plentiful.

    === So you found a gate. What should you do? ===

    First, you will notice that it is WorldGuarded. This is to prevent anyone from building directly near the gate. Other than that, here are the rules:

    1. You may build around the gate (walls, etc), but you may not claim your structure. Players must always have the ability to get to the gate, and a land claim prevents it, so it is not allowed. With that in mind, you can build walls all around, but other players are allowed to break your walls to gain entry.
    2. Any structures are subject to the same rules for the rest of the map. Don't make the area ugly.
    3. Your only choice, if you want to defend the resource, is to post lookouts on your walls 24/7.
    4. Claims are totally disabled on the resource worlds. No one is allowed to /sethome on those worlds either.
    5. No traps of any sort are allowed, on either side of the gate. PVP is the only way you are allowed to defend it.

    Alternatively, you may choose to sell the coordinates to other players, and form strategic partnerships to try to keep the world secret. It is entirely up to you.

    Let's see what happens. :)
  • Any hints?
  • Some hints:

    • The gates are all accessible without breaking a single block. This doesn't mean they are above ground, necessarily, just that you don't have to break a block to get to them.
    • Some are hundreds of blocks from spawn. Some are thousands of blocks away.
    • There may be villagers in the server shops who get their product from those very worlds. Don't tell me you haven't talked to any of them? Maybe they could give you the general direction to look...

  • ==== We have made some changes to the way resources work ====

    Previously, there were only 4 resource worlds. Each one had a SINGLE gate from the main world that linked there. This has two issues... 1) Because there are only 4 gates on the entire map, it's insanely difficult to find them. 2) Once a player has found the gate, he can mostly likely mine and mine and mine without anyone ever running across it. That means when someone DOES finally find it again, it's been picked over.

    Starting today, we are making changes to the way this works. I'm sure you have played games like Legend of Zelda that contain instances of resources. Uncover a hole in the ground, enter, and you have tons of pots to smash... Antor and I decided to emulate that idea, only in Minecraft form.

    • There are currently 4 more gates in the world, in addition to the ones already there. Over the next few weeks, many many more will be added
    • They are generally well hidden, but like the others, are either on or very close to the surface
    • Each one will link to a square plot surrounded by bedrock walls
    • When you enter the plot, it will tell you the treasure that will be found: Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Lapis

    In addition, plots may be different sizes. The amounts of ore you will find is variable, but you can use this list as a rough guide:

    • Small Iron World: 200 blocks
    • Small Gold World: 150 blocks
    • Small Lapis World: 100 blocks
    • Small Diamond World: 60 blocks
    • Small Emerald World: 60 blocks
    • Medium Iron World: 350 blocks
    • Medium Gold World: 250 blocks
    • Medium Lapis World: 200 blocks
    • Medium Diamond World: 120 blocks
    • Medium Emerald World: 120 blocks
    • Large Iron World: 600 blocks
    • Large Gold World: 500 blocks
    • Large Lapis World: 300 blocks
    • Large Diamond World: 240 blocks
    • Large Emerald World: 240 blocks

    Once a world is found, you are subject to the same rules as above. There is a chance that someone might claim their town before realizing a gate is within the area. That's technically fine, and within the rules. However, you MAY NOT claim an outpost, just to protect the gate.

    After the gate is found, we will give you time to mine it out as much as you'd like. You certainly don't have to stop at the ore... you can take all of the dirt, stone, trees, etc. that are available. Once the area has been fully tapped, inform an admin. We will regen the area, effectively 'refilling' the mine. Once this is done, the main world gate will be moved, waiting to be discovered again.

    Please, let us know what you think. We would love your feedback!

  • Nice idea! What happens to the current worlds though? Are they still there with the same gates?

  • I hope we can keep the other ones and just add those worlds on I think both would be cool
  • The current worlds will stay where they are for one month. At that point, they will be decommissioned.
  • You know, I really wish there was a Coal world. I always seem to be running out....

  • Lol Lumi, you and I can completely agree on that XD
  • Really? I wonder if anyone else has that problem. We might be able to vote for random Coal world portals. ^ ^

    <3 Lumi

  • Huh, I never expected that! Maybe I just need to finally add coal to the server shops?
  • Maybe, but I think a Coal world would be fun. It's the one portal world noone would really feel the need to control I think, because it's, well, coal. ^ ^
    It would be a new and different sort of gate world, but then again, I also want a gate Redstone..... Lol, I feel kinda silly and a little greedy.
  • I think you're more silly than greedy Lumi. XD But in all seriousness though, a coal gate would sound great! And I think to should be hidden. I mean that would be too much of an exploit to get levels for shops that do enchantments and repairs.
  • That is quite true (and I will be on later) it would be quite exploitable. Maybe it could hop at random intervals throughout the month so its never in the same plce and you only get maybe a day or two to play in it and collect coal.
  • I would guard the Coal Gate, I just love getting coal.
  • There should also be a Quarts gate and redstone gate
  • There should be a resource gate for every resource.
  • I dont know about quartz, I mean the amount of exp you would gain....
  • yet again how hard is it to find these gates?  it doesn't have to be really big. think about how much the diamond world pays a miner. while quarts they aren't being payed.
  • Very good point werewolf. I agree with you.
  • Yes, and exp insn't that valuable to be honest, mining that much quartz is like using a grinder.