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Interior Building Tricks & Tips
  • Hello Citadelians! We are going to be keeping you guys up-to-date on the latest and greatest tips and techniques to make your builds even more efficient! So if your builds are too boxed in, too boring, too space consuming, or if you want a new building technique, stay tuned!

    In this discussion, we are sharing how to make your builds more realistic with interior tricks and designs. Here are just a FEW brilliant designs that I saw.

    Here are some excellent building tricks that will make your builds more efficient and exciting:

    Something we see very commonly are stairs trying to be used as seats and chairs, with the new wonderful sitting plugin, it makes builds even more realistic by now being able to sit in stair cases.

    We really hope these tips will help you if you needed a couple of new tactics to building. We can't wait to see how these tips helped you guys. See you guys in the next discussion!
    -The Citadel Staff Team

    Now that we have shared a couple interior tips, what tricks do you guys use for interior building?
  • The ideas I saw are currently being processed on youtube. :)
  • I can't see the pictures, so I apologize if this reiterates one of them, but I usually try to add depth and texture to builds, using stairs, fences, stone walls, etc. I find that with just a bit of texturing, an otherwise bland build can become something quite nice.
  • Hmm, its not showing the links on my PC, but when I checked the discussion on my iPad it showed the links, not quite sure what the error is?
  • I updated the post to just have direct links to youtube. Hope that helps!