Minecraft Server Address: mc.thecitadel.us

The story:

The Citadel was created because we weren’t satisfied with other servers out there. Because of poor plugin choices, rampant griefing, and poor administration, we had enough. Instead of trying to find yet-another-minecraft-server that we ultimately wouldn’t be happy with, we decided to start our own.

– We secured a dedicated server, and have multiple (professional) server admins on staff to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

– We invited lots of friends, who adopted the server as their own and really made it awesome. We put admins in place who are mature, and have the best interests of the server in mind. Our community rocks.

Most importantly, we actually listen to players. If you would like to see a plugin added to the server, just ask. We are more than willing to look at anything that will make your experience better.

Come on over, there’s plenty of room on the map for you!